Please note, the information presented below, is offered as a guide only, to the employment and business opportunities that may exist in the Mt Gambier / Nelson and Glenelg Shire region. It is not intended to imply a guarantee of employment or business success.

Employment and Business opportunities can vary widely in regional areas, with the greatest potential existing in major city centres like Mt Gambier and major regional centres like Portland. As with most regional areas, the primary jobs growth is usually in Professional and Managerial Services, in Education, Health, Business and Government. Regional areas have also seen a shortage in skilled workers in recent years, namely in the fields of construction, electrical and plumbing trades. There are also a number of potential new Tourism Business opportunities in the Nelson township itself that are not currently being provided, as well as some existing services that could potentially be expanded on.

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Employment – Mt Gambier

Employment – Portland

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Portland District Health

The Mt Gambier – Portland region is home to the ‘Green Triangle’, one of the largest softwood and hardwood plantations in Australia, and the Portland Deepwater Port is where the processed end products of the timber are shipped from, for export. Approximately AUS$8.7 billion has been earmarked for investment in the Green Triangle, and this is expected to create 5,400 construction jobs, 1,000 direct jobs in the Blue Gum industry and up to 1,000 jobs in support activities. Two new mills are planned to produce Biomass Wood Pellets (used in home heating) for export to Europe. One plant is planned for Mt Gambier and another for Heywood, north of Portland. You can find out more about these projects by reading through the following fact sheet.

Biomass Wood Pellets

The Glenelg Shire is also aiming to establish itself as a major player in other renewable energy fields. The area off the coast of Portland, right through to the South Australian border, have some of the best high meterage seas of anywhere along the coast of Victoria. Research into the viability of wave power in the area continues.

Along with the 200 ha Aquaculture area, established approximately 2.6 kilometres off the Portland coast a few years ago, these projects demonstrate that the Glenelg Shire has and remains quite visionary in its thinking and pursuits in relation to jobs and employment growth. You can find out more about these and other projects, in this report.

Glenelg Shire Economic Development

Potential Tourism Related Business Opportunities in Nelson

Nelson has seen a large increase in the number of day and overnight stay visitors from 2000 to 2009.


In 2009, the number of visitors to Nelson increased to 28,160. The majority of visits occur over the peak season (summer). Outside of the attraction of the Nelson beach to family holidaymakers, there are numerous other tourism attractions, and you can find out more about them on the Tourism page.

The Glenelg Shire has identified Nelson as a growth area for eco-tourism and is planning a number of initiatives to improve and develop facilities along the Glenelg River, extend camping areas, develop trails and canoeing facilities. It has also identified a need to improve the range and quality of cafe’s and eateries throughout the shire and increase the number of quality accommodation providers in Nelson. There are currently only 110 beds in 18 establishments in Nelson, and this is limiting the potential number of overnight stay visitors. They include,

1 motel with 9 beds (motel currently being updated – so not in operation)

1 hotel with 9 beds

3 B&B’s with 10 beds

2 Caravan parks with 26 beds

1 camp / function centre with 15 beds

0 backpackers

2 apartments / units with 11 beds

8 holiday houses with 30 beds

With 5 acres and two road frontage access points, the property has the potential for high quality small cabin B & B accommodation to be established (STCA).

There is currently no Bicycle Hire or Boat Repair / Servicing offered in Nelson, two areas that the Glenelg Shire has identified as business potential to improve services.

Given that Nelson is also one of Victoria’s premier fishing destinations, the potential to establish a worm farm on the 5 acre property, producing European Nightcrawlers, would be another area of possible employment potential.