Things have changed dramatically in some regional areas. Years ago, many of them were dominated by ‘generational farming families’, and if you didn’t have at least 3 of your past relatives in a grave somewhere nearby, you weren’t considered a local! This could often lead to a newcomer feeling very isolated. This is really no longer the case, in fact, in most small towns and coastal hamlets, you’ll be made most welcome and even encouraged to get involved, volunteering your time, if you choose, to help in community projects. This is because, over time, many new people have moved in and the local economies have largely changed from the traditional farming to a more diverse base.

Along with this change, new community groups have emerged, ones that have moved away from the traditional farming, country womens association, agricultural shows, and the like.

Many of the new community groups include those looking to promote tourism, farmers markets, festivals, sustainability, local community news, charity fund raising, the arts and economic development.

Nelson has a number of very vibrant community organisations and a wonderfully warm community spirit. The Sea Changers that have settled in Nelson over the past 15 years, have helped develop this vibrancy. Also, there’s no shortage of something to do if you are looking to help out in your new local community, volunteers are always welcome!

Finding those who’ve made the Sea Change previously is very important because they can help you settle in, show you around and introduce you to others who have already made the move, but most importantly, they’ll make you feel welcome.

Some of the best places to find them are listed below and contact names and details can be obtained from the Nelson Tourism Information Centre.

Coast Care

A group of residents and friends has formed a local committee to undertake work to protect the natural environment of Nelson. Preserving threatened environments, tackling weed invasion and attack by feral animals, creating refuges for wildlife and public education are some of the projects being undertaken. The long term aim is to have the lower reaches of the river recognised as a RAMSAR wetland.

RAMSAR Wetlands Information

New members and visitors are welcome.

Nelson Reserves Committee Of Management

Appointed by the State Government for DEPI to look after crown land in Nelson. The group meets on the 4th Tuesday of each Month at the Nelson Community Hall at 6.00pm.
The Secretary: Committee of Management
C/O PO Nelson,Vic 3292

Nelson Tourist Association 

The group meets regularly at the Nelson Community Center. Contact the Information Center for meeting dates. New members with tourism associated businesses are welcome.

The Secretery; C/- PO Nelson, Vic 3292

Nelson Indoor Bowling Club 

Enjoy a fun day of Bowling with people from Nelson and Donovans. Meet every Monday at the Nelson Community Hall at 12pm.
Nelson Indoor Bowling Club; The Secretary
C/O PO Nelson ,Vic 3292.

Nelson Country Fire Association (CFA) 

Consists of many local Volunteer Members who protect our community and those who travel through it. Training is held each month. For details contact.
Nelson CFA: The Secretary
C/O PO Nelson,Vic 3292

Glenelg River Classic Boat Club

A group of boat owners who get together to share their interest in boats. They hold many social days throughout the year. For more information contact
Glenelg River Classic Boat Club: The Secretary
C/O PO Nelson,Vic 3292

The Nelson History Group 

Work together throughout the year to research and document the local history and preserve existing documents.
The Nelson History Group
C/O PO Nelson, Vic 3292

Nelson Tennis Club (The Hit & Giggle Group) 

Is about having fun & energizing your spirits. They meet every Monday and Thursday at the court. All welcome.
Nelson Tennis Club Inc.
C/O PO Nelson, Vic 3292